How the sports can transform the life of youths in Uganda.

A wise chap once said that if you want to quite one addiction, the best way is to replace it with an equally powerful addition. Most youths in Uganda who do not have any sort of engagement usually end up idling around. With nothing meaning full to commit to, they are easily lured into other vices like drug abuse. This is because while it’s sort of relaxing and entertaining, it also provides them with a moment of peace and heavenly escape albeit short lived. Sports can easily take and replace the space occupied by the drug abuse and other vices in the youths. When introduced and proper support provided , the youths can find themselves engrossed in the games to the point of not having time to engage in the vice.


This can be through: Proper management of the games by using leagues and schedules games. This is able to help the youths plan for future games and prepare accordingly. When one is working towards a specific goal, he always has a purpose. Their time is engaged because they are able to break the games into small schedules that are paced. Another wise chap said, there is nothing as powerful as hope, it’s as good as opium, no pun intended.

Youths can also be engaged whenever their sport is supported well. For instance a game like baseball is quite interesting. The common challenge is usually lack of proper playing kits such as batting gloves, shoes and jerseys. Youtsh can be guided on how to choose the best batting gloves for  baseball. These interests can be further improved in baseball if they are taught the different rawlings pro preferred glvoes. This will definately go a long way to make sure they love the game.


The African continent is blessed with vast resources which bores huge potential. Most of the time it’s rarely exploited fully. Most natural resources can be harnessed to aid in resolving most common ailments and concerns.

One versatile natural resource is the apple cider vinegar which has been found to be useful in many remedies. Apple cider vinegar has been found to be useful in getting rid of gnats. We all know how annoying the gnats and pesky the gnats can be. Well the apple cider vinegar can be useful in this case. For instance one can make a simple gnat trap. All you need is a mason jar or a fabricated container with a lid. Then you put some vinegar into the jar till half full and cover it. Some holes are then put on the lid of the container. The gnats are usually attracted to the vinegar and so when they enter the jar the get trapped.

A common malady affecting Africans is the acne. This is usually caused mostly by the blockage of the sebaceous gland responsible for the generation of sebum. Honey is a naturally existing antibacterial and has been found to be useful in dealing with acne. What makes honey useful in remedying acne is its low ph usually between 3.2 and 4.5. This is too low for any bacteria to survive. Thus honey is useful in controlling overgrowth of bacteria. Cinnamon has also been found to be useful in dealing with acne. It possess antibacterial properties which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. An effective way can be through making a cinnamon and honey face mask.

Other common fungal diseases include athlete’s foot and ring worms. These can easily be treated by common essentials oils. These oils usually consists of complex chemicals which are known to have antifungal properties. Some of the popular ones are Clove essential oils which is believed to be effective in treating at least 15 different types of fungi. Others are lemon grass essential oil which is also known to have healing properties for fungi.


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